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Elini Linxfoot
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I cannot draw, and I don't pretend to be the best at writing. But stay awhile and listen, and maybe both of us can find out something interesting.

I mostly write fan fiction, so curl up with your lap tops and get your favorite [insert beverage/food here] and enjoy the stories. Please tell message me if you find spelling/grammar errors in my work (but please don't spam) it would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to see more of my work i would strongly suggest you check out my youtube channel, I do alot more stuff their.

But if your here to stay then check out my thousands upon thousands of favorite. Their might be something interesting their and someone you find is very talented.


Kali was always built to be a fighter. Born to a blacksmithing couple in the town of Beregost, Kali spent the majority of her youth playing with her parents weapons. She would greet passing warriors and spy into taverns just to hear tales of battle. When Kali dreamed she would have vivid visions of glorious conquests and honorable wars. Soon the young girl was given the chance to join the fray as the Flaming Fist's accepted her as a initiate. Kali fought hard to earn a place amongst the mercenaries. Choosing spears as her favorite weapon, Kali trained herself to dance around the battlefield. Working hard each day she gained the respect of her fellow mercenaries and quickly became an experienced fighter.

However that all changed when the unthinkable happen. A order from a high noble, that was part of the Flaming Fist, was sent to her commander. A half elf noble would be coming though Beregost and needed to be killed. Kali was quickly sent with her companions to dispatch the half elf. The Flaming Fists group of ten met the nobles 4 guards with force. It seemed like a easy victory as Kali hopped to the back of the group throwing spears wildly. When suddenly an iridescent blue meteor crashed in the middle of the fight killing everyone accepted Kali and the noble half elf. Getting back on her feet almost instantly Kali was horrified at what she saw next. The bodies of the dead began laughing hysterically, their expressions and bodies not changing. As they laughed blood leaked from there eyes and mouths. Not pausing for a moment Kali fled the massacre, but as she did the laughing continued to ring in ears. Escaping the scene did little to help. As she made her way back to the Flaming Fists guild hall strange unintelligible whispers echoed in her mind. None of the words seemed to make any sense, at times they seemed like common or other well known languages. But they were to distorted to known for sure. Other times it was complete gibberish that Kali think over. However one word that seem to repeat itself was the phrase "Yaj-Saroth".

For the next year Kali was tormented by the voices as well as a repeating dream. Now when she dreamed Kali lay unmoving staring at the night sky. Two starry nebula's were to both the left and right of Kali, as the echoing whispers began to grow louder as the dream went on. From the nebula's huge tentacles appeared and slowly crossed the sky reaching out to each other. In the skin of the tentacles Kali could see the bloody faces of the laughing dead. The dream would end just the tentacles from both sides touched, and Kali would awake panicked. The echoing whispers still speaking. Still saying the name Yaj-Saroth.

Kali went insane. She isolated herself from her friends and family in fear they would hear the whispers as well. Keeping within the confines of the Flaming Fist guild hall, Kali only found rest in fighting. The fighter would duel anyone who wanted until her body would break down from strain. Kali's insanity hit it's highest point when during a duel with her master she accidentally killed him with a spear though the heart. As he died Kali stared unblinking at his face, waiting for it too to start bleeding and laughing. After his death Kali began to believe that those that had originally sent her to kill the half elf noble betrayed her trust. That they didn't warn her of the dangers or the mission and got her friends killed. Kali believed that they deserved the same fate as her master. A spear though the heart. One by one all of Kali's commanders were killed by her spears. For her treachery Kali was kick out of the Flaming Fist and deemed and enemy of the guild.

Hearing this Kali quickly gather what she could and fled south. However only a few miles from Beregost the whispers that tormented Kali for a whole year stopped. Stunned Kali stood still for a moment, looking around wildly to see what happened. Ahead of her Kali saw the half elf noble that she was asked to kill a year ago. Amazed Kali ran towards him and after a few awkward interactions explained her predicament. The noble admitted her recognized Kali and introduced himself as Alandil. Kali pledged her service to the noble, promising to stand by his side as his own presence saves Kali for her insanity.
[DnD Charater] Kali Elwyn
The is the bio for my human fighter in a DnD e5 based in the Baldur's Gate world. She based around a character in League of Legends named Kalista. She carries around 25+ and while she has Fighting Style Archery she can also use them in melee. Un-like the character she's based off of she very tanky as she is a fighter. I might take a level in warlock for lore reason as she does have experience with the Old Ones.

The image I use for her in game is:…

Core stats:
CHA: 13

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